Alloy Development

Development of precipitation-strengthened aluminum alloys and manufacturing processes for next generation automotive powertrains

Lead Researcher:  Joshua Stroh

The findings from this research resulted in the optimization of engine block manufacturing processes while developing a new rare earth-modified aluminum alloy which demonstrated over 100% increase in elevated-temperature strength and greatly improved creep resistance at current and next generation engine operating conditions.


J. Stroh*, D. Sediako, D. Weiss, “Development of Cerium-Reinforced Specialty Aluminum Alloy with Application of X-ray and Neutron Diffraction”, International Journal of Metalcasting (467), May 2020

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Effect of cerium addition on improvement of mechanical properties of B319 powertrain aluminum alloy

Lead Researcher: Ermia Aghaie

Improved the high-temperature (250-300 °C) mechanical properties of B319 aluminum alloy through addition of Ce. The microstructure and phase analysis of the alloys were evaluated using SEM/EDS and XRD, respectively. Thermo-Calc-2019 software was used to estimate the formation temperature and volume fraction of the phases present in the alloys. Hardness of the specimens was evaluated using the Vickers micro-hardness tester.
Tensile strength of the alloys was also assessed at room-temperature and 250 °C. X-Ray Micro-CT imaging used to obtain three-dimensional (3D) feature of the various phases presents in the alloys. In addition, to evaluate the long-term thermal stability, the alloys were kept at 250 °C and 300 °C each for 10 days, then the microstructure, microhardness, and high-temperature (250 °C) tensile strength of the specimens were investigated.


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