Austin Piche

I began my research with the High Performance Powertrain Materials laboratory at the end of my third year in mechanical engineering at UBCO. With interest in automobiles and being mechanically savvy Dr. Sediakos’ Manufacturing Processes class sparked an interest that led me to having a conversation with him that opened many doors. This eventually ended up with myself involved in undergraduate research with Josh Stroh, a PhD student in the group, on various of his ongoing projects.

This research got me hooked on the aspects of material science and the interesting projects that are ongoing to further develop performance properties on aluminum and steel alloys. That led to myself getting a project of my own that I had the opportunity to partner with FortisBC on assessing the feasibility of introducing hydrogen into their natural gas infrastructure. I have now successfully completed my Bachelors of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering and with many thanks to Dr. Sediako, I also had the opportunity to complete my Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering. This experience has given me an abundance of skills and I was able to be mentored by an amazing engineer and role model, Dr. Sediako. Looking forward to my next steps in life and career.

Thesis Title: Effects of blended hydrogen enriched natural gas on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a x42 steel pipeline and grade 290 weld

Interests/Hobbies: Mountain biking: currently riding a 2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer. Favourite place to ride is Whistler or SilverStar, Dual Sport adventure biking: Riding a Kawasaki KLR 650, Cars: Own a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX, Sports: Play hockey, soccer, volleyball