Dr. Joshua Stroh – Lab Manager

My journey with the High Performance Powertrain Materials (HPPM) laboratory began during my 3rd year of mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Eager to learn about the field of material science, I reached out to one of my professors who kindly introduced to Dr. Dimitry Sediako, whom I would soon find out to be a fantastic supervisor and life mentor.

My initial introduction to Dr. Sediako primarily consisted of us excitingly describing our many ongoing car-related projects. Following this lengthy discussion, Dr. Sediako explained all of the fascinating research he has been and is currently doing which was heavily influenced by the automotive industry. I was hooked.

Over the next 4 years with Dr. Sediako, I had the opportunity to learn about and conduct high level research at various domestic (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada) and international laboratories (Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Tennessee) and eventually I was able to present my results at a number of internationally renowned materials science and engineering conferences (Material Science & Technology (MS&T) and The Minerals, Materials, and Metals Society (TMS)). Not only did these conferences help establish my name amongst the scientific community, but they opened my eyes to the many opportunities that materials science and engineering can offer.

It was a very busy 4 years with Dr. Sediako, particularly when balancing course work and design/manufacturing responsibilities with the UBCO Motorsports club, but there isn’t a thing I would change. In addition to obtaining a PhD degree in mechanical engineering, my time under Dr. Sediako’s supervision has taught me many technical skills, has shown me the importance of creating and developing personal and professional relationships, has created many new friendships, and has given me an uncountable number of unforgettable experiences. I can’t wait to see where my journey goes next.

Dr. Joshua’s dissertation

Interests/hobbies: Dirt biking: 2005 CRF 450R, Scuba diving: Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, Design and Manufacturing: UBCO Motorsports powertrain lead 2018-2019: designed and manufactured equal length header for CBR 600RR powered racecar, Car Rebuild: 1990 Nissan Skyline GTST: Engine swap, Custom intercooler