Nasim Bahramian

I started my bachelor’s study in Manufacturing Engineering at Babol Noshirvani University of Technology (BNUT). For my thesis, I worked on designing a vibration absorber pendulum to prevent chattering in lathe machines using programming. I presented our teamwork at International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering (ICME) held in Tehran. Following this fantastic experience, I was motivated to continue my career in master’s degree and contributed to the Iran national entrance exam. The result was being accepted in one of Iran’s best universities in engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) at Tehran. My MSc thesis focused on developing a crashworthiness topology optimization code for the automotive crash box to optimize its energy absorption while reducing its weight. The result of this research was successfully published in the journal of Thin-Walled Structures. An advantage of studying in a metropolitan city like Tehran was the opportunity to work for Iran’s famous automakers through academic collaboration. So, a part of my time during my MSc study was dedicated to a big project of designing a platform for national automotive led by Saipa company. I enrolled as a member of the simulation team working on evaluating the new design performance using two FEM software. Doing my best in this project, I got an offer to continue working in that company after graduation. However, this success coincided with the acceptance of my husband’s Ph.D. application at UBCO and our immigration plan to Canada. At UBCO, I was lucky enough to start a new career in material engineering by working as a volunteer in professional laboratories, including HPPM, for about a year. Finally, my hard work paid off, and Dr. Sediako kindly invited me to work as a research assistant at HPPM. Having his great support and being inspired by his professional life, I took all challenges to gain new skill sets to accomplish my projects. I started by modelling the residual stress evolution in an Al engine block, developed by Nemak company. Later, I learnt how to use strain gauges and neutron diffraction data to validate my simulation results. Currently, I am working on tribological and microstructural characterization of two types of novel coatings for engine block application.

In my leisure time, I enjoy reading books, playing Tar (Iranian music instrument), and biking in scenic Okanagan trails.