Victor Mallouhi

Currently an undergraduate (4thrd year) student working towards a degree in mechanical engineering at UBC Okanagan. My role in the HPPM centre is working as a research assistant, learning and hands-on with various metal alloys, understanding all the variables affecting the manufacturing of different aluminum alloys. 

I made up my mind about getting a degree in mechanical engineering since I was in my early years of highschool back in Abu Dhabi where I grew up. I joined the University of Abu Dhabi for 3 years majoring in Mechanical Engineering, where I was the lead of the powertrain department of the motorsports team, and a member of the Shell-Eco Marathon of 2017. Until I secured a seat at UBC Okanagan and transferred in 2019. 

Having a goal to work in the automotive industry, made me look up Dr. Sediako on UBC’s website to learn he is leading to what I call my dream career. Dr. Sediako allowed me to take my first step in that career after I completed his course about manufacturing processes. I was fascinated by every detail of it especially when he reflected his professional experience into each aspect of the course.

Being able to be in a team filled with intelligent people and working with my supervisors to learn about metals and study them on a microscopic level gave me a better understanding of how to plan my future to achieve my dream of working in the automotive industry. 

My next goal is to work extensively on developing my research skills especially in the development of aluminum alloys, to be able to work towards getting a masters degree in that field. While my dream is to work on developing F1 cars or any similar racing teams.

Hobbies/Interests: Photography / Travel / Motorcycles / Car Projects