Nicholas Sabry

Nick Sabry recently completed his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and is now pursuing a master’s degree at the University of British Columbia under Dr. Sediako. His long-term goal is to start a mechanical engineering company revolved around improving manufacturing in Canada or a related field. During his undergraduate degree, one of his notable experiences is travelling to Sweden under the HPPM lab with the NSERC undergraduate student research award. He was then able to use the facilities at Lund University with several other students from France, United States, and Sweden to increase their knowledge of materials and quantify material properties. During Nick’s undergraduate degree, he consistently decided to work as a team leader. He was lucky enough to work with several great teams with multiple students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to win project and presentation competitions throughout their undergraduate degrees. Nick was able to complete his undergraduate degree and continue with a master’s degree in large part due to the financial support of several awards from UBC and other institutions. A few of these awards were the Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, British Columbia Graduate Scholarship, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship for Continuing Students, BC Hydro Scholarship in Engineering, and NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award.

In HPPM, Nick has focused on study of residual stress evolution during friction welding of automotive battery tray.

Nick’s current hobbies include outdoor lead climbing, hiking, and filming/photography.